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Making Cents with Navy Federal

Navy Federal has created a personal finance information portal called Making Cents. The purpose of the portal is to increase your financial IQ and help you get on track with your financial goals. 

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“Personal Finance for Military Members. Learn how to save, budget and invest money to gain financial freedom and independence.”


What I Recommend – Only the Best

Credit Card

American Express Platinum

$550 annual fee waived for Military Members.

Learn Crypto

Coinbase Learn and Earn

Earn free cryptocurrencies through educational videos.

Budgeting App

Personal Capital

Easily track your spending and savings.

Shop Crypto


Earn free Bitcoin while shopping at your favorite stores.

Stock Investor

Robinhood App

Free stock trading and investment platform.

Savings App

Trim Financial

Saving money should be easy. 
Automate it with Trim.

Retirement Plan

M1 Finance

Free retirement account platform for Roth IRA & 401(k).

Investing App

Acorns App

Invest your spare change automatically. 

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